.md3 weapon in 1st person

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This question is regarding .md3 weapon models in Quake3.

Just curious if the weapon model used in the 3rd person (… how you see other players in say, a LAN match) is the same model used in the 1st person. If so, does anyone know the rotation & transforms that need to be done to get it where it should be on the screen (without a ton of fiddling).

I thought of Aftershock, but I don’t know if they render weapons at all in their code.

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i hope this is the same model for both !!
but i’m not sure.

just put your weapon in the system coordinate of your player ! that’s in, it’s the view of your player, then the camera.
indeed, you’ll need to do the same rotation as your camera, and then translate it a little bit, just for been seen well and not cutted.

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Here is a message I received on another forum, if anyone else is interested …

sixb0nes http://www.xpression.ca

The same weapon model is used as a pickup, third person view and first person view;

(attached as in the way heads/torso/bodies etc attach by tags in quake 3)

As a pickup, it’s not attached to anything

For the third person it’s attached to the torso’s, uh, ‘hand’ tag (can’t remember the actaul name, but that’s hardly the point)

For the first person view, there’s another model file (it’s like, weaponname_hand.md3 or something like that) which has a ‘hand’ tag that you attach the weapon to. just render the _hand.md3 at your origin* with the weapon model attached (the _hand.md3 or whatever also has the weapon firing/switching animations)

Render the _hand.md3 with the weapon attached