Maybe you can help me ?

I have a project that involves retrieving data from a database and transforming the data into models/images. Can OpenGL work with JDBC? If not, do you have any suggestions?


Yes and no. If you mean, will you be able to read entries from the database, convert them into polygonal data, and display them using OpenGL, yes. If you’re asking if OpenGL can connect to the database and convert an arbitrary dataset into a model: nope.
Since OpenGL is a low-level graphics API, it doesn’t really matter where the data it displays is coming from - as long as it is passed to the driver in the right format.

What you would have to do is, connect to your JDBC database, read the data you need, and convert it into 3D-data in your own code (or with some library that might exist somewhere out there). Displaying this data with OpenGL in the end should be a fairly trivial task.

Thanks for your help.
I do not know much about what I have to do for this project yet except that I have to use some SGI machine that the university just purchased. As far as what software is going to be used, I have no idea and neither do the coordinators. But, I heard from a friend that I should look into OpenGL.

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