Maya light decay settings?

I do not know if this is a bug in the Maya 0.74 exporter or if I do not understand decay ratio for lights in Maya? The exported ATTENUATION_SCALE outputs the value 1.0 even if I change the Intensity parameter.

Bug? Or is there another way of changing the decay ratio in Maya?

On a similar topic, OpenGL allows you to change the decay ratio for each constant, linear and quadratic decay but collada only allows one setting through the params ATTENUATION and ATTENUATION_SCALE.
Is there changes on this for the 1.4 specification perhaps?

Hi Master Tonberry,

There is no way to change the decay ratio in Maya. The “Intensity” parameter is really a multiplier for the light color. The ‘Weekly Development Build’ versions of ColladaMaya currently export/import the “Intensity” parameter, but there will be some changes to it soon, for COLLADA 1.4 compliance. In ColladaMaya, the ATTENUATION_SCALE factor is a constant, always exported as 1.0 and it is discarded on import.

About COLLADA 1.4: it does not introduce new light parameters.