Maya import/export of reference objects

In the current version of the Maya plug-in, when I export a file that contains reference objects, the plug-in is embedding the objects into the output file. And on import of a Collada file that contains nodes where the instance element url references an external file, the Maya plug-in is losing the path to the file. The tool that I’m developing for EA creates files that contain tens of thousands of external references, so I need those references to go into and come back out of Maya intact (as references). Is there any plan to support reference objects in the Maya Plug-in? If not, how difficult do you think it would be for me to add the functionality to the plug-in?

Maya Guys, great work! Except for this problem, the plug-in is working great for me.

File referencing is in the TODO list, but it’s probably a month or two away, unless EA sponsors the work. :wink:

BTW, I would recommend that you register to the colladamaya-updates mailing list, if you haven’t already:

That way you’ll know right away once we’ve started implementing it.

Thanks for using the plug-in. :slight_smile: