MAYA export problem


We are developing an export tool for Maya that exports scenes (mesh objects, animations, materials, etc.) to our own format.

The problem is that when the model is built up using IK skeletons we cannot reproduce the exact transformation for the joints. In Maya, each joint has common transformation attributes (translation, rotation, scaling) and has a so called orientation, which is three degree value, angles for X/Y/Z, respectively. The Maya SDK doesn’t contain enough information about the logic between joint orientation and rotation so we couldn’t figure out how the orientation affects the transformation. We supposed that if the orientation defined as M (rotation) matrix, and the transformation defined as T
matrix, we can get the correct transformation by M*T. It doesn’t seem to work. Our another try was that we simply add the orientation and the rotation values together and build a rotation matrix from these angles but that didn’t work either.

Can somebody tell us how the Maya works with these values?


check this site out…
under the developers forum, there is another
guy talking about having problems with
exporting from maya.
There seems to be a bug in the maya
code to do with hierarchy -
in one of the mti*.cpp files.