Maya DAE - Positions of Objects in Scene ?

I wonder if any Maya / Collada experts can help me.

I have parsed a Maya DAE file to OpenGL ES on the iPhone, however there is one problem - all the objects in the scene are misaligned and not where they should be - e.g the roof of the house is not on the house and some objects are rotated at incorrect angles. The objects themselves are rendered perfectly - it just seems to be their position and scaling that is wrong.

Is there some information in the structure of a Maya DAE file which provides information on where the objects should be placed in the scene ? (E.g the scale, locations, co-ordinates) ?

I know next to nothing about Maya so would really appreciate if some clever person could help.

Thank you !

Thanks Hotbbn - I actually worked out in the end that I can just ignore channel 1 - all working now ! :smiley:

Hy Ohnomycoco.

I had some placement problemes with Maya but I find my “magical solution” : the matrix placement. When you export with maya try to checked the “Singled Matrix” option in “File Type Specific Options” -> “Advanced Options” -> “Collada”.

Maybe ( I insist on the “maybe” ) it can fixe your probleme.

Ps : Sorry for my bad english it’s not my native language.