Maximum point size

What should the maximum point size be on a geforce
fx5800 ulra be. if i query getFloatv with
is that realy correct? i would have thought that it should be much larger. for example the spec for GL_NV_POINT_SPRITE says the max size for pointsprites is over would that be possible if the max point size is 63. i have also tried to display both points and pointSprites with sizes beyond 63 but with no luck. im running 5336 under redhat9.
thanks in advance

Two seperate quotes from the GL_POINT_SPRITE_NV spec

“The widths supported for point sprites must be a superset of those supported for antialiased points. There is no requirement that these widths must be equally spaced. If an unsupported width is requested, the nearest supported width is used instead.”

“Point size range and number of gradations are equivalent to those supported for antialiased points when POINT_SPRITE_NV is disabled. The set of point sizes supported is equivalent to those for point sprites without multisample when POINT_SPRITE_NV is enabled.”

The first sentence of the second paragraph is the most relevant, I think - it seems to say that if the biggest point you can have with GL_POINTS is X (63, in your case), then that’s the biggest you can have with GL_POINT_SPRITE_NV.


not quite what i asked about…
to reform my question: should’nt a fx5800u support larger pointsizes than 63, and if
you read the implementation notes in the spec
it says that beyond geforce3 larger pointsprite
sizes are supported. that cant be possible if
the largest pointsize is 63.
is this a miss in the linux drivers?
can anyone confirm pointsizes larger than 63
with a fx5800 on any platform.
best regards