maximum limit of using buffer object

I am using Quadro NVS 280 card .

i don’t know what is the maximum limit of using buffer object

i want to know the maximum limit of loading vertex buffer object

How efficiently i can use video memory.



Actually the limit is your RAM memory but vertex buffers work more efficiently when you use glDrawRangeElements and if the size of the range is less than GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES(Use glGetInteger with this argument to get the number). And there is another optimum limit for the count of indices in glDrawRangeElements, queried by GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_INDICES.

GL_MAX_ELEMENTS_VERTICES gives about 1M vertices, but the only limit is available memory. Interactive frame-rate can be achieved with one VBO with more than 5M vertices on almost any middle-range graphics card (with 512+ MB of RAM). :wink: