MaxExp-20050922 small bug report: "Name" property

I created a very simple skinned object in max and I noticed the exporter writes things like that:

<array id=“skin-bones-table-Cylinder01” type=“Name” count=“4”>Bone01 Bone02 Bone03 Bone04 </array>

I think there should be no cap on the type property name.

That’s a strange one and in ColladaMaya, we wavered a few times between ‘name’ and ‘Name’. The correct casing for this type, in COLLADA 1.3.1, is ‘Name’ according to the specifications. It derives from NCName and I think it was capitalized to emphasize the difference between the ‘name’ attribute and the ‘Name’ value type.

I completely agree, though, that this is slightly confusing, when all the other types are in lower-case.



In the spec (Collada_Specification_131.pdf) I read:

The <array> element has the following attributes.
type : One of: int, float, name, token

I guess my mistake was to use the pdf document instead of referring to the .xsd schema. Thanks for your answer.

That is indeed a strange one.

The schema says ‘Name’, the specification says ‘name’. In any case, the <array> element is deprecated in COLLADA 1.3.1 and the more recent exporters for 3dsMax should use the strongly-typed <Name_array> element. If this change isn’t in 2.02, it will be in the next version.