Max resolution for OpenGL rendering?

First off, I love OpenGL :slight_smile: Awesome job, to all you developers.

I’ve been using Chaoscope ( ) for a while, and it uses OpenGL for a preview render. At exactly 2048 pixels wide, that preview fails to work properly, simply freezing on the initial render (which is a render, and doesn’t use OpenGL).
The programmer for Chaoscope told me it might be that my OpenGL might not be able to render past 2048 pixels wide. I’m using a dual-monitor setup right now, which totals 2048*768… would that set the limit?
Is there any way to bump that up without effecting my resolution (can’t go any higher o.o’ ), or should I go bother my card manufacturer? I’ve got an ATI 9000 pro.

The maximum viewport size for the radeon 9000 is indeed 2048x2048. Its a hardware limitation, other cards like the radeon 9600 for example, can do up to 4096x4096 just fine.