max number of texture ?


I think of an application which would use a very large number of small textures (64x64). Is there any limit to the number of textures that can be generated through glgentextures ?
As glgentextures return 16bit index, I assume it is 65536 ?

The index is 32bit on all usual architectures, so you probably won’t run into that limit. Still, consider packing your textures as tiles in a larger one(for example 256 small textures in one 1024x1024). This will allow you to save performance on binding large number of textures.

Ah right… Yes 32bit is pretty cool. I was rather wondering about some hardware limitation (other than available memory) but you haven’t heard of such things (and that’s great). Unfortunately I won’t be able to tiles them due to how the application is designed, but binding shouldn’t be a problem (only a few binds at each frame).