max exporter feedback

I use COLLADA max export(01-16-06) to export my models. However, there is some problems in material export:

It seems that this exporter can only export either diffuse color or diffuse map. I cannot export both of them. So is Specular and so on.

I stumbled across that earlier. Is that a 1.4 schema constraint?

	<xs:complexType name="common_color_or_texture_type">
			<xs:element name="color">
						<xs:extension base="fx_color_common">
							<xs:attribute name="sid" type="xs:NCName"/>
			<xs:element name="param">
					<xs:attribute name="ref" type="xs:NCName" use="required"/>
			<xs:element name="texture">
						<xs:element ref="extra" minOccurs="0"/>
					<xs:attribute name="texture" type="xs:NCName" use="required"/>
					<xs:attribute name="texcoord" type="xs:NCName" use="required"/>

If this is a schema constraint, is it an intentional design feature? If not, can it be fixed by using something other than the “choice” XSLT tag?

I mistook a place to write.

Never mind what I said earlier. I just learned where the image element goes within the effect.

Then where is color? In the diffuse element, there only exists either texture or color. I cannot find both of them. Am I doing something wrong?

- <effect id="_01_-_Default-fx" name="_01_-_Default">
  - <profile_COMMON>
    - <technique id="_01_-_Default-fx-COMMON" sid="COMMON">
      - <phong>
        - <diffuse>
            <texture texture="Map__1" texcoord="1" /> 

I don’t know about the max exporter but today I figured how out to have both a texture image and a diffuse color. Here is a hand-coded example: … e/cube.dae

I’m pretty sure that Collada allows either a color or texture per channel, but not both (see the definition of the “common_color_or_texture_type” in croft’s original response). This conflicts somewhat with Max’s materials apparently, and that issue is addressed by glaforte at the end of this thread:

I think this is slightly different than what zhou wants. He wants both a diffuse texture and a diffuse color.