Max 2010 Physique Not Exported

Hi all,

I have Max 2010 and use the built in DAE exporter it ships with. The Skin modifer in max shows up as Skin Controller in the DAE output file. However, the Physique modifer does not result in any skin controller at all in the DAE…like it’s ignored completely. The skeleton is output as joints, but no skin controller, weights, etc… ???

Has anyone else run in to this? I have the latest version of the FBX exporter (which I think is how max generates the DAE). I’m not really sure who to ask or where to look. I migrated my tools from the Feeling Software libraries recently. So far the built in max exporter has been great. Well…except for this. :slight_smile:



I found a link to the Autodesk FBX Support Page for you.

Physique is not supported by ColladaMax. Use Physique to Skin Converter to convert from Physique to Skin Modifier and then test your animations:

Note: This is not guaranteed to work for all cases but you would want to give it a try. :slight_smile: