Matrox + Windows XP

Since I switched on windows XP Pro all my games got problem with display. I got a Matrox G550 video card bu I can’t find the opengl driver on the website so I’m stuck with the 1.1 version of Opengl.

Really old computer components + newer operating system = MAJOR HEADACHES

Why did you upgrade?

I agree with Uh.

However OpenGL ICD’s are part of the display drivers, the most current for the G550 is this:

After installing this you should have OpenGL support (well OpenGL 1.2 since the card doesnt support higher OpenGL version).

I found Matrox OpenGL support extremly poor and when ever a program of mine finds “Matrox” in the OpenGL vendor string, they gracefully exit with a nice little MessageBox “Matrox cards arent supported, blah blah yada yada”.

Matrox cards have a really nice and crisp output but thats the only good thing about them.
The hardware sucks bad and the drivers are even worse.