Matrox Problems

One of my testers reported a problem with the
Matrox Millennium G550, driver version 6.83.017,
Windows98 SE.
My app crashes during OpenGL initialization.
Nothing special in there though:
32bit colors, 16 bit zbuffer, no stencil buffer.
It is so far the one and only system my app isn’t
working properly, and I tested many.
Anyone here got similar problems with a G550
or older Matrox cards?

Matrox can be considered a worst-case scenario for an OpenGL app. Got plenty of problems with a G400. I finally gave up and bought a new card.
Regarding your specific problem : are you sure your init code is 100% fool-proof? Do you use extensions? It would be interesting to refine your error-checking to find which call crashes.
Anyway, use as few exotic features as possible on those cards, or you will sooner than later run into driver bugs.

The only extension I’m using is glVertexPointerEXT (and related).
I don’t think those can be called “exotic”…
Anyway, you’re right:
I’ll start building a special version logging every function call to track the error down.
In case it is a problem with the vertex arrays I’ll give up and tell my customers they shall
buy a decent card :wink:

Well, I tracked it down to a simple (valid) call to glDrawElements!
I can’t believe this #?&%$-card has extreme problems with something that basic!
To illustrate it a bit more: I activate and set the pointers to a vertex-, texcoord- and normal-array (functionpointers are valid).
And directly after that glDrawElements (again, all parameters perfectly valid) fails, killing the entire process.

Thanks to Matrox for their great drivers! :mad:

Did you call glEnableClientState(…) for all uset attributes(vertex, normal, texcoord)?


For now I wont waste more time onthis!
Whenever I encounter “matrox” in the vendor string I’ll bail out…
Better than crashing!

Thanks and cheers!

I once had an app which ran correctly on every system I tested it but one with G400.
The problem: it was rendering only on the top half part of the screen.

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