Matrox G400 Max/Open GL poor performance

Not so much a problem as an annoyance…got the following:

Athlon 700
128 MB RAM
Matrox G400 Max 32MB

In the Quake 2 time demo, I can get 33 fps, yet on my previous system (Pentium 200, 96 MB, Voodoo 2 12 MB) I could get 40fps!!!

I’ve got the latest Matrox drivers, I’ve run GLSetup, yet why does my PC chug so? I copied the Opengl32.dll from Half Life into my Quake 2 directory and got an increase to 35fps.

I was expecting 50-60fps, am I being unrealistic? Anyone got any ideas to kick some life into this tortoise?

First of all, I really don’t think that there should be an opengl32.dll in that directory. It may be a D3D wrapper or something, but it’s probably preventing the program from using the ICD that the drivers supply.

Secodly, try asking at the forums.