Matrix Vision

Hi, i have a very pressing task. I am to write up a real time dimulator of matrix vision, you know where like the world is drawn using falling text. Anyways, my question is, does anyone have any idea of how to do that? I mean i can think of like using an overlay approach whereby i like render the world into the stencil buffer using something like layers and then draw a falling text overlay several times varying the brightness or density or whatever based on the depth of the current layer, or i can like i dunno, environment map EVERYTHING in the scene using a dynbamic texture of falling text. Any ideas?

Basically, I think its done with an accumulation effect (Accum buffer). Its basically textured quads moving down.

It`s more of an artistic issue to get it to look right.

Download the screensaver that`s in the archives.

V-Man has got a point there !

You must use the accumulation buffer. render some 15 frames backwards. then create what is called a “textured font”, in which you take some kind of a system Font saved as a big bitmal of all its charachters (make sure it is white) and dump each charachter on a polygon. use GL_MODULATE so that you will be able to change the texture’s color through the polygon’s color (just in case you will be required to change the letters from green to blue…).
make sure that as the polygon falls down it keeps randoming through the charachters… and seems you are good to go.

If you also noticed, the letters in the “Matrix” opening are slightly covered with a hailo , apply it to the texture font you are creating using photoshop effects on the texture you are about to create for the fonts.

And think twice about taking the red pill next time …

What exactly do you mean by Matrix vision? Are you talking about the computer screens on the ship, which is just a bunch of falling text, or are you talking about the 3d scene where Neo is fighting the Agent after he comes back to life in the first movie? It sounds like you’re talking about the second one, but all of the replies so far have been about the first one, but I could be wrong.

To draw a 3d scene as seen by Neo, I think you need to apply a texture map (not an environment map–that’s for reflections) to every surface, with lighting off. Slowly increase (or decrease) the t-coord to get the text to fall. As to how to get it blurred, you’ll have to ask someone else.

Well, Im not talking about jsut the falling text, I also want to be a ble to see the actual 3D scene. What ive settled on atm is a mix of both, like i have a falling text overlay through which you can see the 3D scene, and ill apply some filters to make it look cool. Just applying a simple texture wont do, since then you need a totally different set of uv maps for every object in the scene to the normal texture uv maps. And the aniumation of that texture would be a total pain.

Accumulation buffer? Pah.
Render-to-texture using the render-to-texture target as a texture. This will cause ‘feedback’ which, if you modulate the texture by a slightly less than white colour, will cause a blur.

How about texturing everything & then modifying texture matrix?

apart from the technique/way you would use; i would be very interested in seeing some screenshots, or a running executable, if possible