matrix rotations

Hello all…
How would I go about using a matrix rotation in openGL?
For example, the rotation around the x axis:
[1 0 0 0
0 cosA -sinA 0
0 sinA cosA 0
0 0 0 1]

Thank you…

Check out the glRotate function call in the OpenGL Redbook


This matrix help you to understand the meaning of the rotation around an axis. OpenGL multiplies such matrices to the current modelview matrix–You don’t need to do this.
To rotate around the x axis, use from the following function:
glRotatef( angle, 1,0,0 );
and to rotate around the y axis:
glRotatef( angle, 0,1,0 );
and finally to rotate around the z axis:
glRotatef( angle, 0,0,1 );
to rotate around the vector (nx,ny,nz )use from the following function call:
glRotatef( angle, nx,ny,nz );