Matrix multiplication code anyone?

I just happened to forgot it, could you post the code.
I store the matrix in an array:

GLfloat matrix[16];

i guess from the 16 elements your using a 4 by 4 matrix, the code for that is avaliable along with a definition a bit like the one you put there from the Game tutorials at

The method his using I already know, I want the algoritm, you know, using loops to multiply.

Thanks anyway.

perhaps it helps if you take a look here

Maybe it’ll help you!

void MultiplyMatrix (GLfloat *n1, GLfloat *n2, GLfloat *result) {
register GLbyte l, c, a;
GLshort lc;

for (l=0; l<=3; l++) {
	for (c=0; c<=3; c++) {
		lc = l*c;
		for (a=0; a<=3; a++)
			result[(lc)+c] += n1[(lc)+a] * n2[c + (a*4)];