Matrix from gl to glsl

… i’m using gl_TextureMatrix[0] to catch a matrix from gl … its working pretty well, but the index correnponds on the bound texture … thats sucks … any ideas ???

ok … i’m using gl_modelviewmatrix … a little bit stupid … but it works …

Is it so hard to take a look at the glsl-specs? There are plenty of matrices predefined (although there could be some more like in ARB_VP/ARB_FP) :
[ul][li]mat4 gl_ModelViewMatrix []mat4 gl_ModelViewMatrix[]mat4 gl_ProjectionMatrix[]mat4 gl_ModelViewProjectionMatrix[]mat3 gl_NormalMatrix[*]mat4 gl_TextureMatrix[gl_MaxTextureCoordsARB][/ul][/li]P.S. : Why is using gl_ModelViewMatrix stupid?

because i’m using a two pass shader and need the matrix in both passes. when i’m using the modelMatrix i have to pop after my first pass for drawing my scenen … if i could store in textureMatrix and haven’t this problems … but i’m not sure, how i can maniuplate the index of gl_TextureMatrix[0] …

is the index equal to the bound name of the bound texture ??

… to write to the textureMatrix i’m just calling glMatrixMode(GL_TEXTURE); how do i know the right index for gl_TextureMatrix[] and gl_MultiTexCoord0 in my shader?? oi read a lot about textures in the read, orange and blue book, but i didn’t found the answer …

textures in GLSL dont refer to ‘texture objects’ but ‘texture units’, so if you bind a texture object to texture unit 0 and change its matrix then gl_TextureMatrix[0] refers to the matrix of that texture unit
You know what texture it refers to because you bound the texture to that texture unit before calling the shader.

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