Matrix Code

Hmm, i was looking for a little input. I really like that matrix code effect and i was thinking of writting an AOL Instant Messenger front end using “falling matrix code” as a kind of back drop with your instant messages being formed by the falling code. Its more of a personal project. So my main question is what would be the best route to achieve the matrix code effect? Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Build yourself a texure containing the letters. You noticed that most of them are not ASCII, but some unicode kanji stuff.
Maybe a luminance-alpha format so that you’re able to set the brightness with the glColor.
Define an array of texcoords which describe the coordinates of a single letter each.
Draw a ton of small quads filling the screen, assign an age to each cell to control the brighness fading.
Count down the brightness of all cells per redraw.
Simply drawing a fullscreen transparent alpha blended black quad over them to darken the whole screen, might be easier, but last time I looked I think even the darker letters changed their symbol while fading. Maybe it’s enough movement if the youngest three cell ages chenge letters.
Sprinkle some initial characters on the screen, let them move downwards in screen cell height steps, change the letter per animation.
Define some cells which should not age and let the animation put the correct letters in them while slide over them.
Put some additional quads over them and increase their size or zoom in on the whole screen while fading out the rest of the letters smoothly.

Hey, sounds fun, maybe I should start coding this.