MATHS: Converting a normal and angle to orthonormal basis

I think that’s the right terms for it.

I’ve got a normal, and a rotation about this normal, which I’d like to turn into a 3x3 matrix representing the orthonormal basis which this rotation represents.

Is there a nice easy formula for this kicking about somewhere? It takes me ages to figure this stuff out.


ps. Is there any merit in adding a new Maths forum in OpenGL as these kinds of questions pop up frequently and might be best stashed in a separate archive?

You could look up glRotate in the spec, it tells you how to create a transform fróm an axis angle pair. Or you could check out this page .

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Ooooh, so that’s what an axis angle is! I did wonder.

Thanks very much for the link; I’ve already got this code staring right at me in the face in javax.vecmath. Duh.