Mathematics Behave Control Language

1.solution container and real time compiler for math formula. It is a container for process compiled Math formula which execute a control matrix, material or texture generator.
2.To control custom geometric pipe line.
3. The MBCL layer constructed on HLSL,You can through MBCL layer to evalue a body’s rigidy , deform , animation …etc.

Sounds interesting, though I’m not terribly sure what you’re talking about. And also, this begs the question, what does this have to do with graphics hardware?

It seems like providing an instruction set and having a completely offline MBCL compiler that generates instructions for shaders and determines pass information, generates textures, etc. would definitely be the better way to go. There’s no reason to stick it in OpenGL if it’s not going to be supported in hardware.

Sounds cool though :slight_smile: . I certainly look forward to seeing what comes of that idea :slight_smile: .