Math 'tutorials' ?


does anyone now some 3D Math and linear algebra ‘tutorials’ for self teaching that start with the basics?

What do you mean by basics?

Look for some university sites that offer courses in computer graphics and get their lectures.

Go to, or and have a look into their articles list. I know that offers some tutorials on matrices/ vectors/ affine spaces and related stuff.

For other stuff just ask here :smiley: .

Thanks for your reply!

Actually im a student but my problem with Math at University is a prof. like: “Damm, again i’m out of letters! Ok ok, calm down … so far we are using latin, greek and gothic lettes … lets take the hebrew alphabet for vectors in R^n …”
Plus, any stroke on the blackboard has to be proven.

But i go and check gamasutra (btw. very cool site) and flipcode for some straight math.

Well, that’s what mathematics is about. You won’t find any serious university mathematics course where not everything is proven :smiley:

But in the end, you will understand it better if you know how why the things are how they are instead of simply learning the formulas and accepting they are correct. This way you get the ability to derive the formulas you need, even if you have never heard of them before.

A popular joke that explains this perfectly is: What does a mathematician tell you when you ask him the formula for the volume of a sphere? I don’t know, but give me a sheet of paper and 5 minutes time, and I’ll find out :wink: