Materials referenced by name instead of by id?

On page 66 of the 1.3 spec the spec says "The material attribute refers to the name of a <material> element, using a url expression. Does this mean it refers to the name attribute of a material as opposed to the id attribute?

This isn’t just me being pedantic, the blender exporter gives materials different names and id’s, and it refers to the name of the mesh not the id, so I wanted to check whether the exporters behaviour is correct before submitting a bug report.

It refers to the ID attribute. Typically you will see this usage in .dae content:

<material name="someblue" id="blue5"/>

<polygons material="#blue5"/>

The polygon references the material using a URL fragment reference, usually in the current document.

Thanks Marcus

This problem is now fixed with the 0.2 release.