material & texture & tranparency

Hi All,

As you know, to fully characterize a material you need to specify: Ambient/Diffuse/Specular/Shininess.

Which of these component have to be set WHITE when you use textures? Only diffuse or diffuse and ambient?

What about transparent object, should we set alpha less than one only for diffuse component or also for ambient and specular?



  1. use whatever colors you want, it depends in the material, but yea ambient and diffuse work pretty well with white.

  2. diffuse and ambient is pretty mush the same thing it’s just different lightmodels.
    Specular on the other hand is a reflection of the light source on the material, it lies on top of everything so alpha shouldn’t affect the specular values.

3.use whatever looks the best.

Me? I tend to lean towards 3.

For transparent objects the alpha value is set to diffuse channel.

Thanks, I will use diffuse.