Masking Tiled Textures in gltf? (Blender)

I’ve been trying to figure out which nodes in the Shader Editor for sure work with .glb and correctly export from Blender for my archviz scene. The scale of the architecture requires the textures to be tiled many times, i.e. X 80, Y 80 to get the scale right, (using a 2K texture as well) and with this many repeats it’s virtually impossible to have any texture tiling this many times and not being noticeable so I’ve been trying to mask the Base Color image with a combination of noise textures scaled differently but this does not appear correctly upon export. Any tips to hide the tiling would be welcome!

For glTF (and any other format Blender can export, as far as I know) shader graphs do need to be baked down to textures and/or primitive values, with a few exceptions in the addon docs. So — assuming you need the full detail of 80 x 80 x 2K — the question is how to make the tiling less obvious.

That’s probably a good question for 3D artists, maybe Blender or gamedev forums would be the place to ask? There may be ways to make the tiling less obvious, that aren’t specific to the glTF format. Some techniques like detail maps are used in games, but probably can’t be exported directly from Blender and would need to be applied in your engine/viewer instead.