I’m about to load maps in my engine, which type should I use?

I’m doing an outdoor motor, the maps should be like BattleZone, MotoCross Madness, Ground Control maps or something similar to those…

Which technique should I use? BSP? Quad Tree?

Are you asking what file format you should use or what kind of LOD scheme you should implement?

If you want to do a terrain engine, look into height maps, quad-trees, and ROAM.

I agree with DFrey, apparently ROAM is the most popular these days…

What about VIPM?

What is VIPM? That doesn’t seem to ring a bell with me. Altavista has proved fruitless doing a search on it.

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i don’t especially like roam because it modifies the landscape and makes it look like it’s rippling… however if you have data that would work best with that lod method - use it.
i liked the landscape engine currently at the top of news on (up a dir)
however this would probably only work if you could make it in a similar manner.


VIPM == View Independant Progressive Meshes
A type of runtime triangulated irregular network. Another is VDPM, view dependant progressive meshes.

In VIPM, the collapse order is fixed. The only thing the observer’s position does is choose how many tris to expand/collapse to.

In VDPM, the collapse order is varied. The order of collapse depends on where the view is, so tris further away from the camera get collapsed before tris near the camera.

The demo Thr33d mentioned appears to use some sort of VDPM as its LOD. Quad-trees and ROAM use regular grids.

This was just was I searched for, but where can I find tutorials/examples of this kind of “engines”, that uses Quad-Trees, ROAM, VIPM or height maps…?


Is Octree an option for an outdoor engine or is it more for indoors?

Is there any tutorials on any of these kind of maps?


Search, and for the tutorials. There were ROAM and quadtree demos there within the last few months.