Managing Different Objects


I am very new to OpenGl/GLUT.

I am developing a 3D application where I want to render objects like HUB, Valves in 3D.

As a start I created individual programs for HUB, Valves, etc I have around 250+ such objects

User can select any object in application and select “view 3D” button. So problem is how to manage these objects?
Do I need to write program for all objects. Is there any intelligent way to do? I mean writing program for 250 objects is not a correct way to do. So, can we design 3d object using some tool and use that object in openGL?? Is there any standard format to save 3d objects?

The application is developed in proprietary language where there is no direct bind to openGl. So I am developing a c program, which I can call from the application.

Please direct me to a right path


Unfortunately not, but COLLADA is a popular interchange format and the COLLADA DOM is a freely available C++ library.

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i did some search on collada… i found it is a type of XML format… I am able to download some viewers. which loads .dae file. But i coudn’t find editors

I mean i want to create a 3d shape in the editor and export To .DAE file and use them in my program.

is there any editor available which can create a user custom shape and saves a DAE…

Please tell some Open source tools



I’ll change this question to:
Is there any respectable 3D editor that does not support Collada? :slight_smile:

The point is that Collada is an interchange file format for 3D applications. Even Google SketchUp supports it. 3DS MAX and Maya also support Collada…