Making the GLUI Library on Mac


I’d like to use GLUI into my program which have to run on both Macintosh and PC (that’s why I use OpenGL ). The problem is that I have the GLUI32.lib (version 1.01 ; for the beta version 2, there is no GLUI32.lib in the zip archive) for Windows, but not for Mac.
Could you explain me how to make the GLUI.lib for the Mac (I use Code Warrior 3.1).

Thank you


I’d like to know myself! Wish I had an answer for you… but I posted a “me too” just to show that there’s a 2nd person out there that would like to know.

You can download the source for GLUI and try to convert it:

Three other options might be better:

  1. The GLOW toolkit is supposedly Mac compatible, although I haven’t tried compiling it myself, and it is not in a library format:

  2. MUI is already supported in the Mac OpenGL SDK.

  3. What I do is simply use the Mac’s own controls. You can display them in a separate window, or in the same window as the drawing if you restrict the AGL_BUFFER_RECT (or else restrict the AGL_SWAP_RECT and call glViewport and glScissor to restrict drawing).

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