Making shadow in openGL

I want to make shadow with opengl
But i don’t know how i can get positions of edge points of a object and
understand which object do arrive length of a line to make shadow…
please help me…

What kind of help were you expecting?

With that paltry dissertation I’m afraid the best I can do is point you to google with a search phrase like “opengl shadow on windows”, though strictly speaking your shadow method should probably be platform independent… :wink:

what your talking about is probably something like stencil volume shadows, don’t bother with them though as there are better ways of doing it, like depth shadow maps.
check this out if you want to understand how it works.

Otherwise if that’s not what your looking for then i suggest you try and google it as Brolingstanz said.

Very Very Thank you…

Shadows can be created using ray tracing and its variants, but they are time expensive but far more accurate than shadow maps.

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