Making polys realy bright with texturing

If I have a texture mapped poly, the brightest I can make it is the color of the texture itself. How can I make it realy bright, like white?

Also, while i’m here, How do I unbind a texture so I can draw non textured colored polys?


Well, you disable texturing like when you once enabled it, with:




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Thanks, Does anyone know the answer to my first question?


You could use multitexturing and the GL_ADD texture environment on the second texture unit, with the texture for the second unit being all white (or whatever color).

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You could also use separate_specular_color to add the secondary iterated color AFTER texturing. That or multitexture with texture_env_add would be my suggestion.


If you’re lightmapping you can use glBlendFunc(GL_DST_COLOR,GL_SRC_COLOR). This will give you a light range of “0…2” … well, it’s still 0…1 but any number above 0.5 will brighten the pixel. The max brightness will be twice the texel colour.

a better way to unbind the texture is to do
and of course, don’t ever use the default texture to upload something