Making OpenGL Apss Cross - platform

Hi All!

well i am about to embark on a project that i am planning to make cross platform compatible using openGL.

What i need help with is what libraries do i need to make 3d accelerated/non accel opengl work under Linux, windoze and Mac. and will these libs allow hardware acceleration! I have heard mention of Glu, Glut, Mesa, GLX, how do all of these tie together?

is writing for the console better than writing for X, assuming that not everyone has gnome, kde? Does Glut handle this on its own with out having to be recompiled for each window manager?

i am aware of Mesa (openGL), but as far as i know, you have to compile hardware acceleration into its core to make it work with cards like Voodoo. this is not viable if there are like 10 new cards out in the market every month then how can an application cater to them with acceleration without being recompiled.

now i know that Mac is going to be a pain to make work with a standard library like glut, and also the network code will be a problem as i am sure that macs do not use bsd sockets as linux and windoze do

now does linux have a game device interface like the dreaded windoze DirectInput? so that when i compile the application any game device (keyboard, joystick, gamepads, etc…)that a user has can be connected through this interface rather than making device specific routines

and what sound libraries are out there? that are cross platform compatible? i think i have worked with midas (linux/windoze)

well any help will be most appreciative!



glut is a library that makes OpenGL progs crossplatform. Well sort of. Glut is there for linux, windows, mac, maybe more (?). It has nothing to do with what kind of window manager you use.
You can allso try SDL:
This has BeOS support too. And you can do input stuff as crossplatform. Keyboard, mouse, joystick. don’t matter at all with SDL.


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glut also works on IRIX, HPUX, and probably lots of other flavors of unix (no support for wince though

Your application shouldn’t need to be recompiled to support new cards - this is libGL’s responsibility, not yours.

Also, macs can use BSD sockets (there’s a library called GUSI that emulates them for you).

As for sound, try OpenAL.

thanx ppl!

great help!

i hope my project is going to enlighten anyone who plays it on any system!!