Making a Model rotate to mouse Direction

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to make my model to rotate to the direction my camera is looking at, Similar to what it’s in comon games.

So, I can freely rotate my camera arround the model, then when i Play “W” I want my model to rotate to the direction my camera is pointing.
I already have the camera working. Rotating the Model is the problem.

I already managed to get the angle between my model’s Front Axis and my camera Front axis projected in xz Plane where my model is. by :

      	float d = 

I’ve seen that this angle d is correct.

I’ve trying to compute Euler Angle and rotate the model In the Yaw Angle. But this is not working.

this function runs whenever I press W.

    	cameraFrontDir.y = Front.y;

	float d = glm::degrees(glm::asin(glm::dot(glm::normalize(cameraFrontDir), glm::normalize(Front))));
	//d = d - 90;
	//std::cout << "CameraDir x : " << cameraFrontDir.x << std::endl;
	//std::cout << "CameraDir y : " << cameraFrontDir.y << std::endl;
	//std::cout << "CameraDir z : " << cameraFrontDir.z << std::endl;

	//playerTransform->rotate(glm::vec3(0, 1, 0), d);
	std::cout << " D: " << glm::floor(d) << std::endl;

	std::cout << "Front x : " << Front.x << std::endl;
	std::cout << "Front y : " << Front.y << std::endl;
	std::cout << "Front z : " << Front.z << std::endl;
	Yaw = d;

	Yaw = 0;

and UpdateDirections is :

     void PlayerInputs::updateDirections() {
	glm::vec3 front;
	front.x = cos(glm::radians(Yaw)) * cos(glm::radians(Pitch));
	front.y = sin(glm::radians(Pitch));
	front.z = sin(glm::radians(Yaw)) * cos(glm::radians(Pitch));

	Front = normalize(front);
	Right = glm::normalize(glm::cross(Front, Up));  	
	localUp = glm::normalize(glm::cross(Right, Front));

the problem was that the Front axis I was calculating was wrong.
It was actually pointing to the left direction of my model.
In order to compensate the model’s rotation, When I first calculate the front axis I had to use Yaw - 90,