Making a game (FPS)

Hello, my name is Joe, as my screen name says. I am a C++ programmer from Boston. I am new to rather new to OpenGL. I know some basics and have put together a few simple programs. Im not just jumping in to game development I have been doing it for 4+ years now.

The only issue I am currently having is finding a good 3d Game Enigne, Comm. or Open Source.

Does any one have any suggestions towards any good engines that are OpenGL? Or a link to any good engine programming tutorails?

Thank you!

here is a collection of many… Ogre is probably the most known / popular one.

yep as above says

commercial engine(better have some serious $$ behind ya for this one):

of course there is crytek,halflife2 engine but all these are directx. Good ol’ ID have stuck by OpenGL :slight_smile:

Also don’t forget quake3 will be opensource by the end of the year too,i couldn’t think of a better way to learn about a OpenGL 3D engine than that!

Thank you guys, these will help a lot. :wink: