Makeing multiple objects....

I have one object doing excatly what i want, how can i make multiple objects?
just looking for an example.

thanks in advance

What do you mean, when you say “Object” ?? Be more precise.

Multiple objects aren’t really any different from a single object. Probably the most common example of multiple objects would look something like so

for each object

What i mean is i have one object, and i just want to call it in possiblly an array or something like that. I just want the same object to be drawn a # of times. Then on each one do something differnt with it at the same time. Say i have 3 stars as objects.
I want each one to move along the z-axis tward the user, and i want some to move in -y directions +y, -x, +x and -y and-x…etc directions at the same times so that there is more than one star (looking the same as the others) but each is moving in a different direction.

Thanks again, if anything else is need let me know…this is just an idea i had.

I think display lists are what you need.

Create a dislpay list for one of your stars, then you can “draw it by number” as many times as you want.

For the movement, just keep track of the position and direction of each object and do the appropriate transformations for each the way I show in my code up above. Using an Object-oriented approach for something like this tends to work quite well.

Thanks for the help everyone, but i figured it out. I am just a bit impatient when i have an idea in my head and i want it to work.