Make simple path so planes can fly?

I fix other problem I have, but now I need to know if easy way to make planes fly in world? I have 6 planes, and if I want to make fly, all different directions, what is best way to do?

Like I want some circle around, and other fly around cube. What should I use to do?

Seems your talking about AI. Search the web for some AI sites, or perhaps you can use splines, or SLERPs to help you out?

Anyone else??

I asume you no how to move a model about using glTranslate. A simple aproachwould be to list a load of coordinates and then just translate to each coordinate. A far better way is to make waypoints, place one at every point where something(direction or speed)changes and record the planes info i.e it’s direction, speed and position etc and simply record it in a list. cylcle through this list to draw it appropiately- the more the better. To improve this still further use interpolation i.e. if you know it’s speed in one place and the next place then a good bet is that halfway between these places it will be going at the intermediate speed(final speed - inital / 2 + initial speed) the same applies to diection etc. Better methods exist for interpolating, similar techniques are used for NURB curves and splines. Using squared or cubic function may give better results than linear interpolation.

here’s a way to predefine paths and implement enemy AI. I wrote this for a 3D game i made in VB and directX so i cant tell you how to implement it in OpenGL but you will get the idea…the concept is to define the paths you want your planes to run on by actually running a test plane on each path in a trial run and storing the rotation and position co-ords for each game loop into an array…then write the array to a file…then load the file into and array and supply the array to the 3d model of the plane you want following the path…email me at for more info…this has been successfully implemented.