make a transiton to the modern opengl

Hello forum,

I have some GLSL shader code from OpenGL 2. I need some hint to make the transition to the modern opengl GLSL code. Could anyone point me to any references/material that will help me to do it ?


GLSL hasn’t really changed much since 2.0. The main deprecations are

[li] The “attribute” and “varying” qualifiers. Use “in” or “out”.
[/li][li] glFragColor and glFragData. Use user-defined output variables.
[/li][li] Target-specific texture functions (texture2D, texture2DProj, etc). Use texture, textureProj, etc.
[/li][li] The noise functions (which no-one implemented).
[/li][li] A handful of constants (e.g. gl_MaxVaryingFloats) which weren’t of much use.

Search for “deprecated” in the GLSL specifications for precise details.