Mac OS X Framework for the DOM


as I moved most of my development-work to Mac OS X, I recently did some tutorials on XCode framework-creation. Frameworks bundle the dynamic library, the needed headers and also additional documentation. They also provide a mechanism for handling multiple version of a library to coexist in one bundle. I thought it would be a bit more comfortable to have the COLLADA DOM cleanly compiled as a dynamic lib and bundled into a XCode framework so I created a new XCode-project for the DOM.

Get the updated XCode-project here: …

Simple extract the zip-content into COLLADA_DOM/build/xcode, open COLLADA_DOM.xcodeproj and build. It was created with XCode 2.4.1 and works with the COLLADA DOM 1.3 release and the current version in the SVN-repository.

The XCode-project contains COLLADA_DOM141 and COLLADA_DOM131 framework targets in Release/Debug configuration. To install a framework simply drag and drop COLLADA_DOM/build/xcode/build/Debug/COLLADA_DOM141.framework to ~/Library/Frameworks in the Finder. You will also find the correct headers for each version installed with the framework. This way you can easily integrate the DOM in your existing XCode - project.

The Release-version of the dynamic-lib is about 3mb and I tested it with the Refinery and some conditioners I managed to port to Mac OS X. I have not experienced any issues with the build so far.

I got the Refinery running under Mac OS X after modifying some stuff in the java-src. When I’m finished with a clean XCode - project and cross-platform-compatible modifications of the sources I will post that as well (or post it at the sourceforge-tracker)

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Thanks for making XCode project, i’ve built framework successfully, put it in /System/Library/Frameworks
But when i put #import <Collada141Dom/dae.h> i get 46 errors, like “dae/daeTypes.h”.
Please point out what i’m doing wrong.

question answered here: