Mac OS X, everything's carbonized, but nothing works!

I had just downloaded alice demo, but when it tries to start up I get: Couldn’t start OpenGL! I checked and I do have OpenGL on my computer, so I figured it was just a bad demo and trashed it. I then carbonized Diablo II and tried to run it.

Diablo II didn’t work at first, it told me I had to update to Mac OS 10.1.3. I did that, and after that Diablo II started to open. It started up with the video options panel. It looked fine, but after I tried to run the program with openGL (that and software rendering were the only options) the screen resolution jumped up and then it told me Diablo II isn’t able to run.

“Diablo II is unable to continue because the selected video mode could not be initialized.”

I tried redownloading OpenGL but it seems that there isn’t a downloadable copy that will open up in mac os X, they all seem to be optimized for 9.0. I hope somebody could please help me.