mac cviewer

I sat down last night finally to play with COLLADA and was pleasantly surprised to find a fair bit of support for building on Apple’s OS X. I had to hack the Makefile and some of the code, but got pretty close. Had to add in the opengl framework in one place. Also there were a lot of warnings. When I get it working, i’ll submit the fixes that I have.

Finally, I ended up with the ld complaining about the static cv lib replicating a definition of _xmlParserCreate which was in the dylib libxml2. I pulled up nm to check and it was listed as undefined in the cv lib. Not sure why. Poked at it for awhile with no luck.

What is the state of MacOSX support? I would love to do some development on my laptop and it looks like it is really close to working. Is it officially supported? I want to know if I should keep at this, or if someone has already updated it, or is actively supporting it.

Jon Heiner

ps: i’m planning a milkshape<->COLLADA exporter/reader.

The sample code should build under OS X with little trouble because we have tested that in the past, when we had access to Mac in our lab.