Lunar vehicle animation channel targets (visibility)

Hi there,

I am working with one of the test files in the model bank (the lunar vehicle). I have successfully extracted the requisite information for most of the animations - they link in nicely to the joint and node transforms present elsewhere in the file.

What is puzzling me is that some of the channel targets refer to ‘visibility’. For example, one of the targets is ‘left_shoulder/visibility2’. For the sampler, there is simply an input and output. The input appears to contain time values and the output contains float values (in this example: ‘1,1,1’).

Unfortunately, ‘left_shoulder/visibility2’ does not appear to be contained anywhere within the file. Although it is clear what ‘visibility2’ and ‘visibility3’ are, I am hesitant about introducing a ‘hack’ to accept this data.

Would the recommended approach be to ignore this data as an anomoly of the export tool used (which appears to be ColladaMaya 2.04 according to the header of the .dae file)?

Many thanks,