Luminous texels

How is it possible to flag certain texels as luminous? Is it possible? Suppose I wanted a 747 rendered at night. So I’d want a texture over the plane such that the windows emmited light but the rest of the plane was normal. I realize I could use seperate polys or something and actually render the windows seperate with the emmisive cranked up. But is there no other way to achieve this effect? Thanks!

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:…%20Dark%20Space

At the above URL you’ll see a screenshot demonstrating a ship textured such that portions of it’s hull are subject to lighting and other portions (windows etc.) are emmisive.

Multitexturing or register combiners ought
to do it.

Perhaps you can do it with one texture, and
have the register combiners apply the vertex
color or secondary color to texels which are
transparent? Haven’t investigated whether the
register combiners are powerful enough. And
they’re an nVidia special extension anyway.