loosing hw accel?

After several start program/quit program pair. My gl dirver seems to be dead. I’ve hw acceleration, but the framerate drops under 1 fps.
Is there a proper way to kill the gl stuff? Could be my destroying code the problem?
(btw I experienced this using tnt2, geforce, geforce2 with different, but detonator based drivers)

Any ideas?

I’ve just upgraded from an ATI rage 128 to a geforce 2, and I’m now experiancing the same problems.

I have absolutely no idea whats causing the problems, but its definately the new card. Having spent about a year and a half on the rage, I never experianced anything like it. Must say it’s quite infuriating…

Restarting the computer is the only way I can get the speed back.

I have experienced this as well on my Geforce card. I have found it occurs more often on 98 than 2000 and have only seen it when doing development, and seems to be related to resources not being freed up. Have you experienced it only with software development or also just running apps? For me it happens much sooner if I’m debugging an app and quit the program by stopping the debugger (shift f5).

Not sure what resource isn’t being freed up though.

In win2k beta versions (we know where they came from, wink wink), I have terrible framerates on my Voodoo3. A friend of mine who has acquired an actual official release of win2k has had no problems.


I have been having the same problems has you have but my Geforce also slows down to a crawl while running other apps (Quake 3 mainly). It’s even worse with the Detonator2 drivers .