lookup table

Hi, I want to adjust the lookup table based on the position of the mouse when the middle button is pressed, can anybody tell me how to do it?
especially the formula to generate the lookup table based on the position of the mouse.
thank you very much.

Lol, what kind of question is that?

You’re trying to say you don’t know how to generate the “almighty lookup table” ™ from the mouse position? Shame one you

Sarcasm aside…unless you’re being more specific, I doubt anybody here can help you.

This is not an OpenGL question (not even advanced for that matter), but a basic windows programming question. Well it can be done w/ linux too but I wouldn’t know anything about that. All you do is in your Windows Procedure function, detect when you get the ‘middle mouse button down’ message and retrieve the mouse position with whatever function does that. I forget exactly which function it is. GetCursorPos or something like that. Try going to the MSDN database.


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