Looking under the hood (seeing values)


This graphics programming stuff is really fascinating. Here’s what I wonder: Is there a way to see how an arbirtary point would be tranformed by a given matrix. Like, suppose I put a vertex at (1,0,0), and apply some tranformation and rotation matrices to it. Any way I can see where that point went?

I guess the hope is that I could get the coordinates of a point after applying the modelview matrix to it.

Any thoughts would be interesting and helpful,

there is a feedback mode, but you’ll have to look in up in the redboook as I know very little about it, its in the same chapter about projection. However, if you really want to learn about how vertices are transformed take a course in linear algebra or read the matrix and quaternion FAQ at http://skal.planet-d.net/demo/matrixfaq.htm (a resonably recent version)

OK. Thanks a lot.


Oh, also, btw, for any searchers: Chapter 12: Selection and Feedback