Looking for testers for a OGL 3 Samples Pack


I’m the main developer of a OpenGL 3 Samples Pack.

I’m looking for testers for the Linux version to stabilize the Linux port on Linux platforms.

Thanks for participating to this community project!

Sounds like fun. I’ll put it on my list.

Some help instructions for Linux’ers:
Download and unzip the above noted file: OpenGL 3 Samples Pack 20091103 (ZIP, 3.6 MB)
cd /<your_path_to_unziped_folder>/ogl3-samples-pack-20091103/sample
cmake ./CMakeLists.txt
make -k
cd /<your_path_to_unzip>/ogl3-samples-pack-20091103/sample/build/release
…/ogl3-rasterizer-viewport (yes the …/ prefix is necessary on my ubuntu box – wondering if other flavors of linux also need the …/prefix?)

move mouse over window and zoom by left mouse clicking+moving mouse or rotate view with right mouse click+moving mouse. Escape key to exit.

ls … (to see other executables to try besides ogl3-rasterizer-viewport)

Some prerequisites (if cmake step fails most likely fixed by installing svn from your linux package manager):
cmake uses “svn” command to download latest SDL for ogl3.2 context creation. SDL will be compiled but installed locally within the ogl3-samples-pack-20091103/sample/SDL folder to not affect already installed SDL (SDL with ogl3 context creation still in testing phase so don’t want to install globally in /usr/… until fully proven)

also GLM samples expect the header file <GL3/gl3.h> to be installed as described at GL3 getting started which I accomplish by

wget http://www.opengl.org/registry/api/gl3.h
sudo cp gl3.h /usr/include/GL3/
!!! you may have to make the /usr/include/GL3/ folder manually

Hopefully when gl3 is more mature all this setup will be supplied by SDL and the hardware drivers by default. But until then there are just these two simple prerequisite steps to get up and running in GL3 :slight_smile:

p.s. noticed that line 394 in sample/ogl3-fbo-multiple-output/sample.cpp does not need the EXT postfix – line should read
glBindFramebuffer(GL_FRAMEBUFFER, 0);

Great! Thanks marshats for these instructions!

I would like to add that I just start to just Trac for Bug Tracking and request.


You need to have an account on SF.net to post a ticket but it would be great to keep tracs on the issues.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

the new version is available:

I try to really simplify the use. Let me know about the issues you may have.


New update!


I don’t believe the Linux port is fine yet but it getting closer!

I didn’t feel yet that this was a bug per se, but I’m getting a wglGetProcAddress not declared in this scope although I’m running Ubuntu Linux. It shouldn’t be calling this since it’s a Windows function, correct?

I didn’t think it would help, but I already tried copying over the gl3.h and installed it.

I figured I wasn’t building it correctly, but I do

cmake CMakeLists.txt
make -k

and still get the error.