Looking for specific VBO information.

I’ve found many links to VBO’s through this site’s wiki. However, while those are informative, they are also completely useless. They all seem to be a general overview. The necessary, function-specific data is missing, so I have no idea how to make them work in my particular circumstances.

What I’m trying to find is something online that lists the functions one at a time with a good explanation of what the function does, how it works, what constants are passed to it and why, what data it expects and then MAYBE a short example. Basically, like you’d find in the Red Book, but at a fraction of the price and without having to worry about the information expiring, leaving me with a rather useless and expensive pile of papers. (I’ve been burned too many times, if you can’t tell…)

Does such an online resource exist?

I apologize in advance if this post seems short and snippy, but I’m frustrated beyond belief.

Hmm, for me, it sounds like the vertex buffer object extension specification :


It may help, and contains quite clear examples.

You could also try the wiki page I wrote regarding Buffer Objects.

You mean, like in the VBO extension spec ?
Or like a tutorial ?

Also check out NVIDIA’s Using Vertex Buffer Objects.