looking for opengl matrix documentation...

Ive asked this question before and ive been directed to look in the opengl documention on this site. I have done so, maybe i suffer from selective blindness but i cannot find the information i need in the opengl blue or redbook.

Can anyone please provide me with a link

Im looking for information on what the parameters in the 4x4 matrices for projection and model matrix represent. the opengl docos only specifcy that the matrices are 4x4, i CANNOT see anything that specificly states what the indivdual elements of the matrix control or do.

Does anyone please know of a site that lists this ifnormation, i simply cannot find it.


hey chook, it’s all covered in the redbook:

it’s all just basic linear algebra, nothing magical at all.

Thanks !!

I spent hours going through the pdf version, how on earth could i have missed it. I must be going senile.

thanks for that

yeah, i hate pdf. now, if we only had the spec in html … :smiley: