looking for include files

Hey, I want to start coding in OpenGl, I use Visual Studio 6 and by default it installs the headers for Opengl, but are there any newer versions? Because I see the gl.h is from '96. And I can’t seem to find them on this site. Do need newer files to be able to use OpenGl 1.2 or 1.3? Somewhere they say download GLSetup but I think these are just drivers?

Get them from the guys that made your card. Nvidia and ATI both have up to date include files.

They both have them on their sites, in the developer area.


I’m also looking for a complete, free to download version of gl.h (and glu.h etc). On the ATI page I can only find extension definitions (not full OpenGL header), and at nVidia I can only find the “full SDK”, which is 140 MB.

Doesn’t SGI have some free headers?

Personally, I solved it by downloading Mesa and tweaked the include files to match my compiler.

Indeed, the full SDK doesn’t contain them either. I didn’t even now they weren’t free.
I’ll download that Mesa thing ( don’t know it ) and see what I can do, thanks for the post.